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KryptoHeat Silver Mining System
KryptoHeat Gold Mining System
  • Capacity (3) Three Antminer  S19 Pro 110T Miners
  • Maximum Cooling Capacity 15 kW
  • Electrical Capacity 15kW
  • Electrical Capacity 60 Amps
  • Thermal Storage Capacity 16 kW
  • Immersion Unit
  • Capacity (8) Eight Antminer  S19 Pro 110T Miners
  • Maximum Cooling Capacity 40 kW
  • Electrical Capacity 36kW
  • Electrical Capacity 150 Amps
  • Thermal Storage Capacity 16 kW
  • Thermal Storage Capacity 34 kW


Industrial size systems
  • Industrial / Container & Farming Size Systems
  • Custom Solutions
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Benefits of Krypto Watt

  • Quiet: KryptoHeat™ immersion cooling system allows for near silent running of crypto miners thus allowing mining to occur anywhere with a power source and internet connection
  • Economical: KryptoHeat™ is inexpensive and in many scenarios, costs can be completely offset by increased crypto output, offset energy costs, and increased reliability and longevity of crypto miners
  • Environmentally Friendly: Since KryptoHeat™ allows you to mine crypto using energy already used for other needs such as hot water, space heating, pool heating and industrial processes, mining crypto using KryptoHeat™ can nearly eliminate the carbon impact of crypto mining. This unique feature can help the crypto industry overcome one of the greatest objections to the industry.
  • Easy to Use: KryptoHeat™ is easy to install and works directly inline with existing systems.
  • Versatile: KryptoHeat™ can be used as a heat source for many different needs such as hot water, pool and spa heating, space heating and industrial processes that require mid temperature hot water.
  • Resilient: KryptoHeat™ built in Thermal Energy Storage system can provide hot water for hours should a power outage occur. In addition, KryptoHeat™ can increase your hot water systems ability to manage demand. Cold showers from hot water run out will be eliminated.
  • Scalable: KryptoHeat™ systems come in many sizes to meet any application. Our small units are ideal for residential homes while our mid-size units are the perfect match for applications such as multifamily housing and hotels. Large units can supply central hot water systems, hospitals, and large industrial needs. In addition, KryptoHeat™ units can be installed in parallel to meet the largest need.

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