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H.E.R.O. (Heat Energy Recovery Option)

Convert Cryptomining Energy Into Usable Heat.

Leveraging the one weakness of Crypto-Mining, and turning it into a superpower!



KryptoHeat™ is an innovative crypto mining system which allows you to capture the heat generated by crypto mining and reuse it for useful purposes. By allowing us to use energy already being consumed for other needs to mine crypto, KryptoHeat™ allows us to mine cryptocurrency without increasing energy usage thus providing for a green earth friendly option for proof of work crypto currencies.



How It Works

The KryptoHeat™ unit uses an immersion cooling tank to house crypto miners where heat generated by the mining process can be captured at near 100% efficiency. This heat is then transferred to a proprietary thermal energy storage system where it is stored until needed. A heat exchanger is attached to this system and plumbed inline to a buildings hot water system to preheat/provide hot water as needed. With proper sizing of the KryptoHeat™ system to the hot water need, nearly 100% of crypto energy requirements can be eliminated, dramatically increasing the profitability of crypto mining, and decreasing or eliminating negative environmental impact.

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