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Focused on deploying platforms to make Blockchain and Cryptocurrency adopters' lives easier.

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We are a Leipzig – Germany based software company purely focused on deploying platforms to make Blockchain and Cryptocurrency adopters’ lives easier.

We are honest believers of:

  • Decentralized and democratized economies
  • Liberal but regulated trade markets
  • Full control of client on data privacy and protection
  • Decentralization of energy production and consumption

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Mr. Derinbogaz holds a Mechanical Engineering degree, and has over 5 years of experience as an entrepreneur both in Turkey and Germany. He has founded, funded and succesfully sold 2 of his companies before he had dedicated his time to be a self taught coder and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

He has a wide product development background from Graphene batteries to Electrochromic window films. He is also very experienced on R&D, go-to market and technical team management.

F. Aytas
Co-Founder & Busıness Lead

Mr. Aytas is a Robotics Engineer but he shares the idea of Elon Musk that AI and Robots can be deadly for humanity. Therefore he decided to do an MBA with Corporate Equity focus. He has worked as an analyst/consultant for multinational companies including General Motors and Carnival Corp.
In his most recent position, he has managed a full scale buy/sell operation of a high tech German facility from due dilligence to operations to the exit.

He is a full time dad, a part-time entrepreneur.

A. Kumar
Lead Software engıneer

Mr. Kumar is talent and software backbone of the kW Labs.  He has worked 7 years at MathWorks before he decided to join the company.

He is very experienced on embedded systems and cryptography. This makes him an excellent product developer and project manager for Blockchain applications of kW Labs.

Contact Us

Peterssteing Weg 14
Leipzig - GERMANY

+49 151 580 41 812