Future of KryptoWatt Token

We are going to make energy trading transparent for everyone
Our main goal is decentralized energy economy.

Trading Energy conveniently through kWiT

German Government recently launched a new campaign to put 1 million electric cars on road by 2020. A single car battery has around 30kWh storage capacity. This means , just in Germany by 2020 , 30.000.000 kWh of electricity should be mobilized every single day.

Think about it. Everyday, 30 million kWh of energy to stored and spent on the roads. With current price range,it means 7,5m€ of electricity to be bought every night to drive to work next day.

Now imagine, that you buy this energy cleaner, and maybe more importantly cheaper, any time that you prefer. Imagine yourself as your own energy trader. Imagine paying up to %25 less for your fuel just because you have stored enough when the market prices are low.

kWiT – the kWi Token – will allow its users to store and trade energy.


Energy Prices Germany (2016)

  • €/MWh

Potential Savings of 1 Electric Car Owner per year through Trading with kWiT (in Euros)


Buy your Electricity with kWiT

You are driving your BMW-i to work in a cold November morning in 2021. You want to top up some kWh since you may want to visit your friends who live in next town after work.

You see that the current price is 0,38€/kWh.

But thanks to your foresight, you have stored lots of energy in your kWiT Wallet for a price of 0,25€/kWh 2 months ago.

You get in, you fill your car batteries. You pay with your kWiT Wallet. You saved %34,3 on this round.

Less spent on Energy, more budget for Life.

How we can do this?

Every energy trading platform should have access to energy grid. Every point on grid where end user meets the energy should be quoted in the platform for easy accesibility.

After estabilishing considerable amount of renewable energy facilities on ground, kWi will be introduced to companies which own local grids, starting from Saxony and Berlin. Establishing a Solar Cloud via grid suppliers will enable solar trading without boundaries. kWiT will be the medium of this trade.



1- Reach 25MW of Renewable Investments in Region 10%
2- Integrate with Local Solar Cloud together with Grid Owners 5%
3- Accumulate Power in Cloud 2%
4- Design and Launch of kWiT Energy Trading Platform and Apps 2%
5- Introducing kWiT Wallet hardware 1%

Estimated Launch of kWiT Wallet in 2018 September

solar energy with transformer substation, new energy supply