About Us

KryptoWatt Investments is a financial services company engaged in the development of green energy investments with long term cryptocurrency deposits through tokenized contracts.

kWi has been established by Mr. Ceyhun Derinbogaz, Mr. Firat Aytas and Dr. Kamer Yuksel with a vision to attract individual investors to consider long term energy investments without bothering with long waiting times and hard bureaucracy of different governments. Both worked professionally in the solar sector for 3 years, Mr. Derinbogaz and Mr. Aytas have an understanding energy sector from cell production to investor needs. Especially for solar sector, this experience counts a lot since both the product quality and ROI calculations matter a lot for a 20 year investment. Dr. Yuksel worked professionaly at Microsoft Research for developing network security and Artificial Intelligence based applications, he has many years of experience regarding computer science.

Furthermore , the company believes in the decentralized future of global monetary system. Cryptocurrencies are real and it’s time for them to make a huge solid impact on our actual ecosystem. This can only be possible by giving cryptocurrency holders a way to long term invest securely.

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