World's first decentralized commodity and energy exchange

Buy and Sell Commodities, Energy Options and Spot Electricity contracts using BTC, ETH, LTC and KWIT
Enjoy high returns on contracts from EEX, CME and other major exchanges around the world
Safe and stable platform with superior performance

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Variety of asset classes for Crypto Hodlers

Oil, gas, coal, spot electricity, agricultural products and many more futures and options are available!

Low commissions and easy access

Use KWIT to enjoy commission free trades or fees between  %0,001-0,005 for BTC, ETH and LTC pairs

Seamless user experience

Excellent trade matching and flawless user interface combined

Customer Support

We know how frustrating that waiting can be when it’s your money on the table. We make sure that it never happens in KWI thanks to our perfect customer service provider partners.

Amazing Team

We have experienced crypto, energy and commodity traders combined with great software developers under our roof, either as professionals or advisors.

Furthermore, we constantly look for best talents available. Shoot an email if you think you have what it takes!

Legal & Industry Partners

Our platform is backed by perfect legal and industry partners to make success happen in an extremely regulated European Market.

As a German company, KWI is bounded by European Laws and Ethics.

Infinite opportunities in Energy and Commodity markets!

Just in EEX, more than 4,400 TWH of electricity is traded yearly. This equals to total yearly Energy consumption of China.
High volatility products such as Wind Power futures or agricultural products are open for trade!
Solid investments such as Oil, Gas, Coal and Steel are available to trade!
Many more trade options from respectable exchanges around the world, one click away with decentralized settlement market

How It Works


KWI is located in Leipzig, At the Heart of Energy and Commodity Trading where EEX is born

We provide the central market platform for energy and commodity products by connecting these market accesses with crypto markets


Real time crowd hedging makes energy markets available for individual traders for the first time

Our decentralized settlement engine hedges our customers’ trades in energy markets real time to provide returns safely


Trade using KWIT, commission free

Buy KWITs. Trade commodities with KWITs. Increase your KWIT count. Liquidate when needed. Profit in every possible market with your trade insights!

Power of Crowdfunding: an example on Solar Parks

Solar Park Installation Cost Size: <100 kW
Solar Park Installation Cost Size: >100 kW

Scale of economy has a big impact on the cost of Solar Energy Plants. Thanks to crowdfunding of this huge plants we are able to reduce the costs of installation.

Cost per installed power at solar parks can reduce over %30 while total installed power increases. We can make better deals with Photovoltaic Module producers and solar installers when project size reach a significant level.

Why kWi is different?

kWi offers ETH dividends for renewable investments.


We collect and deliver returns in ETH. Fiat Currency is not needed anymore to trade energy or install renewable plants.

Reliable Investment Model


We find Small to Medium sized enterprises with empty roofs and high energy usage. Then we build photovoltaic plants on top of their roof and sell the produced energy back to this enterprises with an attractive price. Therefore our invesmtent model pays off faster than selling the energy to grid.

Energy Investment Without The Hassle

Making a solo energy investment is hard. You have to deal with contractors, legalisation, technical decisions. Our team has several years of experience in building solar farms and we know how to do this business. Invest in energy without hassle and own a small or a big share in our facilities.