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Buy your KWITs and own your renewable plant in seconds
Earn from Electricity sales from your shares in your plant
Buy Energy Futures & Options using your KWITs or simply HODL and enjoy amazing ROI&Dividends

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15 Years Contract Period

We install on your behalf.

We sell produced energy.

You enjoy your contract for 15 years.

Every KWIT is backed by 1wP of installed renewable power

We are not a KWIT printer and energy trade is actual energy trade. Noone can light a bulb with some figures on paper; therefore every KWIT is backed by actual renewable energy plants.

Yearly contracted dividends between %14-25 as ETH

Regardless of the energy price changes, we secure sales to local grid and energy providers to ensure fixed yearly returns + company profits will be shared in between token hodlers

Want to invest long term? You are welcome.

Invest as low as 1 ETH to have your own KWITs. Whales are also welcome – the actual ones , not fat cats.-

%30 Cheaper & a lot FASTER than installing your own renewables

Cheaper than installing your own solar plant. kWi crowdfunds large scale solar plants with many investors, therefore you pay less per installed kilowatts thanks to our vast network of suppliers and installers.

Wanna trade energy futures&options and sell P2P Energy? Right here.

You can use KWIT Marketplace to trade energy futures&options using your KWITs. Our team will constantly work to integrate new products for our trade lover KWIT hodlers. EEX, CME and more options and commodities available.

Calculate Your Return

Simply select the amounts of KWITs you want to buy
Check the overview for return comparison.
KWITs always pay dividends with ETH
Check information, ROI and potential risk analysis generated for you. If it suits, click accept and move on to Buy KWIT page.
In 5 minutes, make the world and your wallet greener.

How It Works


We select the ideal renewable investment

Either a solar farm in Portugal, or a wind turbine in Germany or a rooftop BIPV plant in Turkey. kWi invests wide variety of energy plant selections with different return rates to reduce risk and ensure safe returns for our customers.


We adjust & hedge returns to give ETH dividend

Renewable plant energy sale revenues will be carefully hedged to ETH to return our customers flat ETH dividends regardless of the future fx rates. When moon, we moon together.


Trade custom energy derivatives with KWIT

If you are in for energy trade, our team will provide you with most suitable energy future options and hedge your investments to ensure returns. Every energy future you bought using KWIT is actually backed by respecctive energy contract on CME or EEX.

Power of Crowdfunding: an example on Solar Parks

Solar Park Installation Cost Size: <100 kW
Solar Park Installation Cost Size: >100 kW

Scale of economy has a big impact on the cost of Solar Energy Plants. Thanks to crowdfunding of this huge plants we are able to reduce the costs of installation.

Cost per installed power at solar parks can reduce over %30 while total installed power increases. We can make better deals with Photovoltaic Module producers and solar installers when project size reach a significant level.

Why kWi is different?

kWi offers ETH dividends for renewable investments.


We collect and deliver returns in ETH. Fiat Currency is not needed anymore to trade energy or install renewable plants.

Reliable Investment Model


We find Small to Medium sized enterprises with empty roofs and high energy usage. Then we build photovoltaic plants on top of their roof and sell the produced energy back to this enterprises with an attractive price. Therefore our invesmtent model pays off faster than selling the energy to grid.

Energy Investment Without The Hassle

Making a solo energy investment is hard. You have to deal with contractors, legalisation, technical decisions. Our team has several years of experience in building solar farms and we know how to do this business. Invest in energy without hassle and own a small or a big share in our facilities.