Secure Your Future with 1-click

Secure your income for next 20 years
Earn from Electricity sales from your share in Solar Plant
Fast Return of Investment

Sign Up for Early Token Sale To Receive %30 reduction

7 Years

Fast return of investment through electricity sales of your power plant. We take care of all paperwork, you simply receive your share in the end of the month.

1200 kg

Each €1000 of solar investment made on kWi platform results reduction of 1200kg of Carbon dioxide emission from atmosphere. Act now, do something good for planet and your pocket.


Return on capital per year. We sell electricty to local consumers and grid from your solar plant to gurantee high return.


Invest as low as €500 to start your own solar plant. We just take care of the rest.


Cheaper than installing your own solar plant. kWi crowdfunds large scale solar plants with many investors, therefore you pay less per installed kilowatts thanks to our vast network of suppliers and installers.

20 Years

Receive your fixed income over 20 years with no hassle. Just choose your payment method and receive your income with Euros, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Calculate Your Return

Simply select the energy type and location you wish to invest.
Check the overview for return comparison.
Decide on the currency selections.
Check information and ROI. If it suits, click accept , select payment method and collect your generated smart contract.
In 5 minutes, you can make the world and your wallet greener.

How It Works


Select your ideal investment

Either a solar farm in Portugal, or a wind turbine in Germany or a rooftop BIPV plant in Turkey. kWi offers wide variety of investment selections with different return rates.


Decide your input and output currencies

Which currency do you want to invest with? Which currency do you want to collect your returns? All options are offered by kWi regardless of the future fx rates.


Get paid starting next month

You don’t have to wait months – for the plant to work. We already have a portfolio of installations that you can participate immediately. Get paid every month, trouble free for 20 years.

Power of Crowdfunding: an example on Solar Parks

Solar Park Installation Cost Size: <100 kW
Solar Park Installation Cost Size: >100 kW

Scale of economy has a big impact on the cost of Solar Energy Plants. Thanks to crowdfunding of this huge plants we are able to reduce the costs of installation.

Cost per installed power at solar parks can reduce over %30 while total installed power increases. We can make better deals with Photovoltaic Module producers and solar installers when project size reach a significant level.

Why kWi is different?

kWi contracts are available in all currencies.


We collect and deliver returns in all currency types. This allows a typical currency holder to receive interest on that currency, without having to exchange it to the conventional monetary units such as € or $.

Reliable Investment Model


We find Small to Medium sized enterprises with empty roofs and high energy usage. Then we build photovoltaic plants on top of their roof and sell the produced energy back to this enterprises with an attractive price. Therefore our invesmtent model pays off faster than selling the energy to grid.

Energy Investment Without The Hassle

Making a solo energy investment is hard. You have to deal with contractors, legalisation, technical decisions. Our team has several years of experience in building solar farms and we know how to do this business. Invest in energy without hassle and own a small or a big share in our facilities.